Form linkage

Form linkage means that when a specified option of a form item is selected, other form items are displayed in linkage.


The currently supported form linkage components are:

  • select
  • multipleSelect
  • belongsTo
  • belongsToMany
  • radio
  • radioButton
  • radioCard
  • checkbox
  • checkboxButton
  • checkboxCard


The above components can be divided into two types: single-select and multi-select. Among them, select, radio, belongsTo, radioButton, radioCard are single-select components, and others are multi-select components.

Radio components

In the following example, selecting different nationality types will switch to select different linkage form items:

        1 =>'Home country',
        2 =>'foreign',
    ])->when(1, function (Form $form) {

        $form->text('idcard','ID card');

    })->when(2, function (Form $form) {



In the above example, the method when(1, $callback) is equivalent to when('=', 1, $callback), if you use the operator =, you can omit this parameter

At the same time, these operators are also supported, =, >, >=, <, <=, !=, in, notIn, the usage is as follows:

$form->radio('check')->when('>', 1, function () {

})->when('>=', 2, function () {

})->when('in', [5, 6], function () {

})->when('notIn', [7, 8], function () {


How to use select, belongsTo, radioButton, radioCard and other components is the same as radio.

Multiple selection components

The multi-select component supports three operators: =, !=, has,

    1 =>'China',
    2 =>'foreign',
])->when([1, 2], function (Form $form) {

    $form->text('idcard','ID card');

})->when('has', 2, function (Form $form) {



The usage of multipleSelect, belongsToMany, checkboxButton, checkboxCard and other components is the same as checkbox.